Musician Statement

I believe that it is part of my destiny to praise God, to inspire, and spread joy, love and healing with music from my soul.

I have been the lead singer of Fivacious for most of my life.  My four siblings and myself started singing  together when I was 9 years old.  In that time we have traveled around the United States singing in weddings, funerals, conventions and churches.  We have three albums that we’ve recorded:  In the Key of Love, Snow Down on Me (Christmas), and Nailed to the Cross.

Holy Situation is a newer group that focuses  on the art of jam sessions and collaborations.  I  feel that Holy Situation is an opportunity to communicate my heart to the world and to be in an accord with others, creating a spiritual moment. The group is comprised of Aaron and Bryce (two of my Brothers), myself and anyone we can collaborate with.


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