This is Beautiful

Blue Lilly 2006 48" X 60" Oil on Canvas

You may only see large breasts and beautiful colors but this is about lies. Lies I believed for so very long.  Lies that I am still having battles with. You see, someone told me this was ugly and worthless. His voice combined with the trauma of the occasion became louder than what my father told me.

New lies, loudly installed shouted at me everytime I looked in the mirror,

purchased clothes [looked int the mirror] ate food[looked in the mirror] had a crush[looked in the mirror] kissed a boy [looked in the mirror].

These lies became my scarred skin, became the kinks and coils of my hair; became every pound my body supported. the lies became my consciousness.

So your shallow comment, is my re-education and my painting is yours.  Everyone should know that they are beautiful. So thank you for your admiring glance, thank you for acknowledging my beauty, even though you don’t know the half of it.

It took me 10 years to see it myself. 10 years to see the power and preciousness of every step and breath


~ by alillia on September 16, 2011.

One Response to “This is Beautiful”

  1. I know life hurts! I don,t need to know details.

    you have always to deal with your self, so it means

    try to see the …..

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