5 Goals

My brother and I had an interesting conversation the other day, and he asked me “ what are 5 goals that you wish to accomplish in your life?” I’ve been giving his question some serious thought. Exploring what is really important to me and what would be worth it at the end of this life. It only took me about 10 minutes to come up with the five things I list below but much longer than that to expound on the ideas.

To never stop expressing

To grow spiritually

To be independent

To focus on truly loving

To facilitate healing

To never stop expressing

For me this covers several areas, the first being singing I consider it my first language, it feels the most native to me. I want to keep singing till my vocal chords are old and raspy. I want still be using the m when I’m considered old, to express my joy, love, sorrows, and transcendence. I also want to be painting when my fingers are bent and my joints stiff. I want to thoroughly use everything I have been given for this life, I should be all used up when it’s over.To grow Spiritually

… I have participated in religion all of my life, however I can only claim a few times of actual active spiritual practice. In the past two year I’ve opened my heart and each moment I desire to be conscious of my soul and my connection to God.To be Independent

… I contemplate independence and to me that means I am not dependent on food, beverage, herb, people or any other substance for my stability, peace of mind, for my happiness.To Facilitate Healing

…Seems to me that the medical industry of America, is just that, an industry. The counseling and psychiatry may be doing some good but people just want to get a pill and keep it pushing. On the other hand there is a movement of people who are aware of good health and actual healing. I am intensely interested in psychological illnesses, pains and damages. I desire to combine my love of art and my desire to heal and to add impetus to that energy flow of healing that is growing.


~ by alillia on October 13, 2010.

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