Green Smoothie!!

Gorgeous Berries!! Gotta Love Berries!



Ok so a fabulous treat I am enjoying lately is the green smoothie.  Its called a green smoothie because it usually has some kind of green leafy veggie in it, such as spinach, and don’t worry, it never tastes like spinach. 

 I  adore fruit so this is especially yummy to me. Basically I dump all my favorite fruits together, sometimes however it’s great to not have too many different fruits. If you just use 3 or 4, the flavors have more impact.  I still have trouble with this I keep wanting to add more and more fruit haha!  So anyways this particular smoothie was delish! and I want to share what I did. 

1. Juiced carrots till I had 1 Cup of Carrot Juice (maybe 9 carrots…hmm…depends on the size) 

2. added 1 banana (love bananas!) 

3. added 1 apple pitted and chopped into big hunks 

4. added 2 handfuls of Blueberries (yumminess) 

5. added 6 (luscious) Strawberries 

6. added as much  fresh spinach as I could pack into the rest of my blender (probably a little more than two big handfuls) 

7. put that blender on high until it was all liquid, then I added probably 10 or 12 cubes of ice ( I didn’t count but I like mine really cold so I really lay on the ice) 

Spinach! doesn't seem to alter the flavor at all


Everything! This Looks So gorgeous to me!!


Didn't Actually turn green this time, probably because of the carrot juice and Strawberries


~ by alillia on June 12, 2010.

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