Holy Situation Teaches State FFA Choir

When I was in High School I was an active member of the FFA (Future Farmers of America).  FFA is a high school leadership organization that operates on a local, regional, state and National level.  As a high school student I participated  in the State Choir, State Talent, National Choir and National Talent and I must say that those experiences are most of the major highlights of high school for me.  Traveling all over California participating in competitions, raising animals and meeting so many people! Singing at FFA National  Talent and Choir gave me the opportunity to sing for the biggest audience (40,000 +) I’ve ever seen and to grow as a performer.

Of course you may be wondering why I am going that far back down memory lane haha!  Well for the past 6 years my brother has been directing the California State FFA Honor Choir and for the past 3 years I have been helping him as a vocal coach.  State Choir is a unique experience that only happens once a year during State Convention which is usually in the middle of April.   This year we had 30 high school students come together and spend 2 days learning 4 songs and then spending the next 3 days performing them.


Choir Director: Aaron Johnson (Holy Situation)
Vocal Coach: Alillia Johnson (Holy Situation)
Vocal Coach: Jessamyn Pattison
Pianist: Clinton Patterson
Photographer/videographer: Melissa Elcrat
Photographer/videographer: Bryce Johnson (Holy Situation)



Teaching a song

Dusty (one of the choir students) I

Jessamyn and I in Rehearsal with the Choir

first pow wow

Singing along with the Students

Sound check in the arena where all the main sessions happen

Sound check

the arena

those first two days are so intense and require a  lot of focus to get the songs sounding good. By the end of the second day we were all pretty comfortable with each other and having fun!

Group Fun

Group Photo

This was a fabulous group of students and they were so much fun!


~ by alillia on April 29, 2010.

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