Red Lilly

It seems like I keep bouncing back and forth between having too much to say and then nothing at all.  So just to get started I thought I’d share what I call my first good painting lol.

It’s called Red Lilly and to be honest it felt like a complete accident to me.  It’s a self portrait and I was uncovering something rather than creating it. My purpose in starting the series (A Sense of Self) was to explore, and learn to love, myself.

36" X 48"

Red Lilly 2006 36" X 48" Oil on Canvas


~ by alillia on April 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “Red Lilly”

  1. I love it. Gaze of the eyes are perfect. I don’t know what the hair piece is but it looks like a scorpion which is very self protecting. Fabulous darling

  2. […] decision would lead to the realization that I didn’t love my-self. The first painting I posted (Red Lilly) is significant because it marks the beginning of my use of art to explore and heal myself.  […]

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